Majura Tennis Club holds Club Meetings bi-monthly, on the first Thursday of every second month. The Club Meetings are open to all members and will be held in the clubhouse. An invite and agenda will be emailed to members and advertised in the clubhouse at least one week prior to the meeting

The Club Meeting Schedule for the remainder of 2017-18 is shown below. Any changes to this schedule will be made and communicated to members via email and posters in the clubhouse.

2017-18 Club Meeting Schedule

December 2017 1830 Thursday 07 December 2017
February 2018 1830 Thursday 01 February 2018
April 2018 1830 Thursday 05 April 2018
June 2018 1830 Thursday 07 June 2018

Additional Club Meetings will be held on an as required basis while the Annual General Meeting will be held at the conclusion of each financial year. Details will be provided here once confirmed.